Sanitation by Chlorine Tablets

Automatic chemical feeders

Automatic chemical feeders and floating chlorine feeders are available from any pool supply distributor.

These are designed to automatically dissolve 25mm diameter chlorine tablets, 75mm chlorine tablets or chlorine sticks into the swimming pool water.

Automatic chlorine feeders are a great help to properly maintaining your swimming pool, but remember that they do not test the water - they just add chlorine at a controlled rate.

The feeders slowly meter out precise amounts of chlorine into your pool water automatically, and offer very precise control over the amount of chlorine being added to the swimming pool.

You should never simply add chlorine tablets into your swimming pool, or place chlorine tablets or chlorine sticks in the skimmer basket of your swimming pool.

There are certain brands made that only dissolve when water is flowing over them. If a chlorine tablet is dissolving in your skimmer basket, all of the water passing through your pool plumbing and circulation system carries a high level of chlorine. This high concentration of chlorine reduces the pH of the treated water to very low levels.

The high chlorine concentration attacks the inside of the circulation system, and causes premature failure of your pool pump and pool filter components.