Automatic pool covers

Automatic pool cover are available for domestic and commercial pools, indoor or outdoor.

They provide:-

• Heat insulation.
• Evaporation control.
• Durability.
• A very attractive and labour saving option to conventioal pool covers.

The floating cover is manufactured in interlocking sections similar to a venetian blind. Each section simulates the double glazing system, with an air gap that combines the highest degree of insulation with evaporation control.

The standard white PVC sections are popular for indoor pools. On outdoor pools translucent polycarbonate slats promote high solar heat transfer and resist the impact from hailstones.

Rain water will pass through the cover, and will not collect on top requiring removal by pump.

The roller is powered by a 24 volt motor, with remote control unit with built-in safety lock feature at the pool open and pool closed positions.

All Bluepools covers are individually manufactured specifically for your pool requirements.


• Reduces evaporation and heat loss
• Enhances the safety of your pool - safety lock available
• Minimises pool debris
• Concealed stainless steel motor driven spindle
• PVC, Polycarbonate & Foam filled slats available
• Made to measure
• Optional in-roller motor unit


If the safety straps are clicked in place at each end the pool is safe enough for children to play football on the cover - although their feet will get wet!!


More details are provided here


Bluepools Automatic Pool Covers