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Automatic pool covers for your UK Home or Garden pool

These are very difficult to describe and so they are best illustrated.

They are supplied with a control sytem that allows stops to be preset in the pool open and pool closed positions.

Then if the safety straps are clicked in place at the end opposite the roller the pool is safe enough for children to play football on the cover - although their feet will get wet.

The covers also act as insulators to stop heat loss from the pool water as well as evaporation.

There is simply no doubt about it - top quality submerged pool covers are the dogs b............s where pool safety devices are concerned and they also retain heat, stop evaporation and dirt accumulation in the pool.

And they are very easy to clean with a jet-wash.




For the technically minded the submerged covers are located like this so that as the roller unwinds the pool cover is driven and retracted across the pool surface


And just to show you how good these submerged covers can look in practice



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