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Winter security and summer covers for UK swimming pools in the Garden

Winter Covers

APF Winter Covers

Manually operated winter covers that are specially designed to protect your pool and children or animals that can get near it during the winter when it is out of use are absolutely essential if you are a responsible person.

Bluepools normally installs the Naxos type supplied by APF and illustrated here.


APF Naxos Winter Security Cover Specification

  1. Complies with the French LNE standard NF P 90 - 308 (this means that a man weighing 100 kg can walk across the pool several times without damaging the cover)
  2. Has a central grill that allows rainwater to discharge into the pool (the automatic over-flow systems that are installed by Bluepools allows this to run away to waste)
  3. Fixed by 8mm stainless steel pitons that are inserted into 9mm holes drilled in the pool paving (difficult to see unless you look for them)
  4. Easily fixed by sand coloured protectively coated bungee cords
  5. Available in Blue, Dark Green, Amande (light green), Beige or Grey
  6. The PVC cover weighs 550g/m2 and is factory welded .
  7. Has stainless steel eyelets in pairs for the bungee fixings
  8. Needs a border around the pool of 700mm for pools less than 70 m2 and 800mm for pools greater than 70m2

Summer Covers

APF summer covers

Manually operated summer covers that reduce heat loss, reduce water loss by evaporation and most importantly keep dust, leaves and other air-borne rubbish from dropping into the pool are installed by everyone that is proud of their pool installation and wants to keep it in tip-top condition throughout the summer swimming months.

These covers are not safety devices and they must be used in France in conjunction with an alarm that complies with the French standard NF P90-307 .

Although it is not law in the UK it is considered to be good practice to comply with the modern French pool safety standards - that are specifically designed to stop toddlers from drowning.

Bluepools only supplies APF summer covers - simply because they are the best.

They look like this


The cover itself with 4 hemmed edges looks like this. Cheaper covers without hemmed edges last about 5 minutes!

summer-cover- 4hemmed-edges

They are available in the following colours and thicknesses (the thicker the better the insulation)





The rollers look like this - please note the special attachments for the summer cover.




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