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Swimming Pool Technology Index

Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

.This website section tells you everything that you basically need to know on how important the Water Chemistry is in a modern swimming pool.

It is a very complicated technical subject that is not too difficult to understand when the language is not overly technical and full of jargon!

If you read and understand this section of the website carefully you will know more about how to look after a swimming pool than every pool salesman you will meet - and probably more than 90% of the pool installers as well!

Swimming Pool Water Technology

This website section tells you everything that you basically need to know on how modern swimming pools keep the water safe and healthy to swim in.

You will then know the best questions to ask when the next swimming pool "snake oil salesman" tries to spin you another load of B.....S.....!

Swimming Pool Equipment

When you see the words "Swimming pool equipment" the words swimming pool pump and swimming pool filter will probably be the ones that come immediately to mind, followed closely by swimming pool maintenance, swimming pool chemicals and swimming pool supplies etc.

But to the swimming pool contractor and swimming pool equipment manufacturer the words have different meanings..

The pumps and filters are very important of course but the parts that greatly enhance the general usability of the pool and unfortunately also increase the cost a lot include the following:-

  • Automatic water level control
  • Automatic floating pool covers
  • Pool water heating
  • Automatic chlorination and pH control
  • Dehumidifier plant for indoor pools
  • Robot pool cleaners
  • Infinity and mirror edge pools

We provide a a comprehensive introduction to these topics on the swimming pool equipment webpage.

Swimming pool Installation

How are you going to get your swimming pool installed?

This part of the website provides details of the case studies on swimming pools that Bluepools has installed as well as information on:-

  • How ground conditions affect pool installation
  • Indoor pools
  • Outdoor pools
  • PolyBloK swimming pool kits
  • Pool decking
  • Pool prices
  • Pool quality and the affect on property value

Swimming pool design

Swimming pool design is a crucial part of the whole installation process and this section of the website provides lots of information on:-

  • Indoor pool design
  • Outdoor pool design
  • natural swimming pools
  • Pool landscaping design
  • pool shapes and depths
  • Swimming pool design
  • Swimming pool through wall fittings
  • Vinyl pool liner patterns and colours

Swimming pool safety

Swimming pool safety is often neglected and this can result in a massive tragedy when a child is drowned. There are now laws governing the provision of safety devices on all swimming pool installations in France and anyone installing a pool in the UK ought to consider this aspect of swimming pool ownership with great care.

The safety devices covered in this section include:-

  • Swimming pool Abris (movable covers)
  • Swimming pool alarms
  • Swimming pool fences
  • Swimming pool safety covers
  • Swimming pool water enclosures
  • A review of swimming pool safety devices

Pool renovation and repair

Getting an old pool renovated is even more complicated than getting a new pool installed and this section of the website gives some guidance on how to go about this.

it includes:-

  • Pool leak detection
  • The renovation of concrete swimming pools
  • The renovation and vinyl liner pools
  • The renovation of fibreglass pools
  • Information on renovation quotations

Fosse Septiques (septic tanks)

if you are not on mains drainage and you have a septic tank (or fosse septique as they are known in France), this section of the website will give you all the information that you need to know including:-

  • Fosse scheme layout
  • Fosse or septic tanks
  • Above ground filter systems
  • Vertical filters with drainage
  • vertical filters without drainage
  • Ventillation and smells
  • Clearances for installation

Diversion of drainage pipes

In both the UK and France drains may have to be diverted to allow swimming pool installation. This is not such a big deal as most people imagine - if it is properly engineered and managed.


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