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Outdoor Pool, Epping Forest in Essex, UK

In this project Bluepools was responsible for the Concept Design and all the detailed engineering including pool plant, air handling, hydraiulics and the civil design. It was completed in August 2019.

Bluepools also provided all the pool plant including the gas water heater, the pipework, pumps, filters and the submerged automatic floating cover.

Bluepools commissioned all the systems and installed and fine tuned the chemical dosing systems.

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The excavation for this pool was massive - about - over 500 tons of soil!. The pool is 16.28 x 7m wide. This provides a 15m long swimming area when the cover pit is taken into account.

- but we never took any pictures of it!

This is the cover pit for the automatic cover

Work on the pool liner commences


The liner is from the Alkorplan Touch range and comes with a 15 year guarantee. This picture illustrates how the liner is fixed at the top of the pool wall. A slot is cut under the coping and the blue PVC angle is fixed itno the slot with epoxy glue. The Alkorplan liner liner is then welded to it using the heat gun. that is shown on the following picture

The wall liner is finished.

The pool has been part filled and is now ready for the automatic cover installation.

The pool is full - this picture shows the 5 skimmers that are necessary for a pool of this size.

This picture iillustrates the cover axle in place awaiting the fitting of the slats sheon on the edge of the pool surround. The cover pit will be eventually covered by 20mm thick pvc slats that are supported by stainless steel beams and covered with the liner material. This forms a shalllow water covered bench that can be sat on.


The completed pool. The boxes in the background are the packaging for an amazing outside hi-fidelity sound sytem that can be heard milles away if turned up - good job they do not have local neighbours!

The pool plant. This consists of a small power pump that runs 24/7 and disinfects the water using the Triagen Ultra Violet unit. The large pump will only run when the cover is off the pool and it is being used.

The completed steps.


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