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Indoor pool room dehumidification at your UK Home

Indoor swimming pools need a very special environment in which to run because when the pool water is heated to 22 or 25 degrees C large volumes of moisture are released into the indoor pool room.

This is heavily laden with chlorine or bromine disinfectants, then can attacks everything in the pool room.

If left unchecked mold and mildew will eventually cover every inch of an indoor swimming pool room.

The solution is to install an indoor swimming pool water heating and dehumidification system that is designed to provide indoor pool room heating and cooling, as well as pool water heating entirely automatically.

The whole process is controlled by a wall mounted humidistat and thermostat.

Pool Room Energy Cost Reduction

If the indoor swimming pool room humidity and room air temperature are controlled in this way very little additional energy is needed to heat or cool the pool..

Older indoor pool room systems wasted huge amounts of energy by exhausting large volumes of previously heated or cooled air to the outdoors.

The air replacing the exhausted air contained even more moisture that then had to be vented out.

Bespoke Systems

Every indoor pool room needs to have a bespoke automatic dehumidification system to allow the full enjoyment of the very large investment that an indoor pool requires.

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