Indoor Freeboard Pool with Swim-Jets

14m x 6.2m - Melton Mowbray, Leicesteshire UK

Sliding Patio Doors


In this project Bluepools was responsible for all the detailed engineering which included:

Bluepools also provided all the pool plant including:

Bluepools commissioned all the systems, installed and fine tuned the chemical dosing systems.

This project included the Bluepools StreamJet Counter Current System to provide greater swimming speeds at lower cost than comparable systems.

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This is the first time that we visited this site. The Client had already started and was building the basement walls with lightweight concrete blocks:

Basement Walls


This picture was taken on the same day:

Project Overview



This illustrates the Fluvo X Jet counter current swimming unit. The lower pipes are carrying the water from the suction intakes that are set low in the pool wall and the vertical pipe is taking the high pressure water from the pump to the jet. The large 5.5 hp pump is unfortunately covered up.

Fluvo X Jet Counter Current Unit


This illustrates the return pipework. Note how the original excavation had to be deepened to accommodate the Clients requirements - mainly because we were involved at too late a stage in the design process.

Return Pipework


The control cabinet that was designed and supplied by Bluepools:

Control Cabinet


This picture shows the pool lights and the Two Fluvo X jet counter current units that were installed in this pool:

Pool Lights



Most of the glazing is fixed with just a couple of sliding patio doors. In our experience, wide bi-fold doors are very costly and more trouble than they are worth.

External view