Infinity Edge Pool

13m x 6m - Mirambeau, Gironde Estuary, FR

inifinity edge pool

For this project Bluepools was the Design and Build contractor. We took the project over from a French pool builder that had gone bankrupt.

Bluepools also provided all the pool plant including:

Bluepools commissioned all the systems and installed and fine tuned the chemical dosing systems.

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This was the original design sketch which we used to seel our proposals to the Client - different from now when we would produce a folio of 20 drawings!

Design Proposal Drawing



When we first visited the site the project had already started and the pool walls were built with concrete blocks: Concrete block pool walls


The plant room foundations and the pool connection pipework: pool plant room foundations


The foundation for the infinity edge collection trough - see the pipework for the floor drains: Inifinity Edge collection trough


This illustrates what a difficult site this was to work on: View of pool drop off



Pouring the concrete for the top of the infinty edge trough: Concreting Inifinity edge trough


Concreting the slab - I love concrete pumps! Concreting pool paving slabs


Concreting the slab: Concreting Pool Paving Slabs


All that concrete poured in one day - 5 truckloads: Concrete concreting of pool paving slabs


Concrete steps and baja: concrete steps and baja


Bluepools was the owner of the 2.5 tonne Komatsu digger - unfortunately it was destroyed in a motorway accident that Will was lucky to survive without a scratch! Landscaping of pool surroundings



The installation of the in-situ white Alkorplan liner - we used to do it ourselves and not rely on sub-contractors: Alkorplan Liner Installation


Installing the liner on the steps and the baja: Alkorplan Liner Installation on Steps



After the liner installation showing the drains in the infinity edge trough: inifitiny edge trough details


The infinity edge trough in action: infinity edge trough in use



Pool plant: pool plant


Pool plant dosing equipment: pool plant dosing equipment


The high capacity air source heat pump: air source heat pump



The retaining wall at the back of the property that we also built: retaining wall


This picture shows the submerged cover without the protective deck units: submerged automatic pool cover


There is no doubt that this is a magnificent pool: infinity edge pool