Indoor Tiled Freeboard
Pool & Spa

Stourbridge, UK

Pool and Spa Submerged Lights

For this project Bluepools was responsible for the Concept Design and all the Detailed Engineering. This included:

Bluepools also provided all the pool plant including:

Bluepools commissioned all the systems, installed and fine tuned the chemical dosing systems.

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The work on site had progresssed to this level based on the Architects drawings. Bluepools provided a fresh concept design of the pool area that lay between the existing mock tudor garage and the house.

Project Site



Pool and spa walls complete:

Complete Pool and Spa Walls

Polyblok walls with the Through The Wall Equipment and Full Width Steps:

Polyblok Pool Walls With Through the Wall Equipment and full width steps



The pipework connections through the spa wall - these must be correct!!

spa pipework connections


This illustrates jut how complex the spa pipework is:

Spa Pipework Casting inside polyblok walls


This shows the extent of the through the wall fittings in the spa:

Polyblok Spa with Fittings before concreting



In the undercroft with the balance tank on the right:

Undercroft with Balance Tank



The pool before tiling:

Pool Pre-Tiling


The spa before tiling:

Spa Pre-tiling


The deck level gutter with one tile removed to show access for cleaning:




These pictures prove that it is possible to install tiles on polyblok walls - everybody said it was impossible but Bluepools proved them wrong!

Tiles on Polyblok walls


Spectacular number of lights in the spa

Polyblok Spa Lights


We created a very attractive whirlpool effect using the filtration pump - this continues 24/7 as the spa and pool is disinfected by an ultra-violet cell

Whirlpool Effect


Roof Light