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We are Professional Pool Designers and Equipment Suppliers with unrivalled expertise in every aspect of Indoor Swimming Pools and Pool Halls.

The Success and Quality of Your Swimming Pool Project will be  guaranteed if You take full advantage of the Skill and Expertise that we Provide.

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Pool Installation Contractors add costly and unneccessary overheads to a pool project that can increase the overall cost by +30%.

Your Local Builder will provide a cheaper and better quality Pool Hall than any so-called specialist because of their local knowledge and business contacts. And with Bluepools on board to provide resources and expertise you will have the best possible combination of resources.

Our Story

Polybloks are ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) that are very light and fit together like Legobricks. They form a hollow wall which is filled with concrete and reinforcement which forms an insulated wall which provides Earthquake Proof pool walls that can be built using inexperienced labour.

They can be used for Tiled or Vinyl Liner Pools and meet all Building Regulation requirements when used for the pool hall walls. Most importantly - by installing them up to the pool hall eaves levels the requirement for costly and intrusive structural frames is avoided.


Freeboard pools have skimmers that incorporate floating weirs to maintain the pool water level about 150mm (6") below the pool coping stones.

In deck level pools the water spills over the coping stones into a concealed gutter that collects the water from a pair of narrow (10mm wide) strips in the pool paving. Deck level pools require a balance tank to hold the overflow water as well as sophisticated control systems. Bluepools designs and supplies the control panels with touch screens to ensure that these systems can be set up and operated on a trouble free basis.

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The most important piece of equipment to have in any indoor or outdoor pool is an automatic floating cover. These are effective (but not fool-proof) safety devices which can lower pool running costs by 50% by reducing evaporation and hence heat loss from the water surface. The rollers can be submerged under the pool water or above ground at one end of the pool. Bluepools supplies and installs the best value for money automatic floating covers available in the UK.

Automatic Pool Covers

The floor space available for indoor pools can be very limited and safe access to the pool plant rooom can be difficult to provide. When a deck level pool with a floating automatic cover is required the pool tank walls needs to be specially adapted to provide the space required for the balance tank and the cover pit. This requires the specialised knowledge and experience that Bluepools provides.

Plant Room

In the past, Architects would design the pool hall and its foundations then a Pool Installation Contractor would install the pool inside the building with all the cabling, pipework and ducting left buried beneath the pool hall floor. If anything goes wrong the expensive floor paving has to be dug up.

This scenario can easily be avoided by integrating the pool hall and pool design so that an "Undercroft" is provided around the pool. If this is designed into the project from the start the cost of providing the Undercroft is negligible.

Pool Halls

Many Clients are very surprised to hear that the overall cost of an Indoor Pool Installation depends primarily on the footprint area of the pool hall (i.e. not the pool), the method of construction and the quality of the floor, wall, ceiling and the exterior finishes. Furthermore inexperienced Building Inspectors can impose the same rules as those for residential buildings when they should not apply. Hence overall costs can be minimised by using yoir Local Builder and making full use of the Bluepools expertise in this area.

Indoor Pools

Bluepools designs, supplies and installs water treatment systems that provide the same quality as tap water with the same very low chlorine content whilst also reducing the running cost of a pool to the absolute minimum. Furthermore the automated process reduces the time and difficulty involved in looking after the pool and so a pool maintenance provider is not required.

Clear Clean Water

Bluepools will provide all the drawings and details required in constantly updated Folios, thus ensuring that the pool is built 100% in accordance with modern standards and the Building Regulations. Furthermore the Client will have a record of exactly what was built that can be used in the future if the pool needs maintenance work including:

  • A record of how the pool was built
  • A record of the equipment used and the supplier references
  • Performance guarantees
  • Health and Safety guarantees
  • Documentation concerning the pool to hand over to any potential buyer of the property

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