Above Ground Automatic Swimming Pool Covers complying with NFP 90 - 308s

These start at an installed price of about 6000 euros for the smaller pools and are about the same price in the UK.

The covers are used throughout the year and keep the pool water clean in winter and stop evaporation and reduce heat loss from the pool water surface in the summer as well meeting the safety laws in France.

They are an all year round cover that meet NFP90-308 and they also insulate the pool as well as reducing evaporation and looking good:-


They are push-button controlled and have automatic stops that open and close the cover to the safe position when the pool is closed and the cover is floating on the water and the fully open position when the cover is wrapped around the roller that you can see at the top of the picture.

There are safety clips at the free end of the floating cover that need to be clipped in a bit like a seat-belt clip and one is needed for every 2 metres of pool width, so that three clips are required on a 10 x 5 m pool for instance.