Swimming Pool Safety Fences in France to NFP90-306

Pool safety fences and fencing with safety gates are probably both the safest, but at the same time the ugliest way to prevent a child from drowning in your swimming pool

PVC type fences

The cheap pvc type fences look like this. The main drawback with them is that they look ugly and sag and bend and droop quite quickly - even when someone just hangs a towel on them- just click on a thumbnail to enlarge:-

safety-latch-to-NFP90-360 child-outside-gate pvc-type-fence

Medium Cost Pool Fencing Systems

sliding-gate-thumb   solid-pvc-barrier-thumb

Medium Cost Swimming Pool Fencing Gates

air-lock-type-safety-gate sliding-safety-gate-thumb

Timber Swimming Pool Safety Fences complying with NFP90-306

Timber swimming pool fences and gates look like this.

timber-fence-to-NFP90-360 timber-gate-NFP90-360

Wall and Pool Safety Gate complying with NFP90-306

safety wall to NFP90