Swimming Pool Safety Alarms in France to NFP90 - 307

The cheaper alarms look like this and are activated when something like a child falls into or enters the pool thus causing small wavelets to form.

The alarms sense the wavelets due to the change in pressure in the immersed tube and this sets off a siren that emits a noise at a specific loudness and frequency.

Two alarms shown below cost about 400 euros TTC. Please note that they are not certified to work and hence do not meet the French legal requirments when a summer cover is on the pool.

They work with a pool up to 10 x 5 metres in size and need to be set half way along one of the longer sides. If the pool is any larger then two alarms need to be installed.

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sensor premium thumb

If an alarm is required that will work with a summer cover and comply with the regulations then the Aquaplouf type is required as shown below. These cost about 600 euros TTC

alarm that works with summer cover