Planning consent in the UK for a Swimming Pool Enclosure

Outbuildings Incidental to the Enjoyment of the Dwelling House

Well you now know what an enclosure is in terms of "Whitehall Speak" - government is just so wonderful!

Well you can have an "Outbuildings Incidental to the Enjoyment of your House" under the Permitted Development Regulations.

Provided that:-

  1. The new Abris (or pool house for that matter) is at least 20 metres form the nearest public road, footpath, bridleway or byway
  2. You are not going to cover more than half of your garden with the enclosure and any other sheds or outbuildings that you may have
  3. It is not going to be used as part of any business activity
  4. It is not more than 3 metres high if it has a flat roof and 4 metres high if it has a ridge roof
  5. Your house is not listed in which case it cannot have a volume of more than 10 m3

However if you want to connect the enclosure to the back of the house it cannot be more than 4m long - great for a swimming pool!

The trick in that instance is to have an opening enclosure that is classed as a temporary structure and does not need planning consent